Employee Claim That Tesla’s Goals Have Forced Them to Take Shortcuts When Manufacturing Its Cars

Employee Claim That Tesla’s Goals Have Forced Them to Take Shortcuts When Manufacturing Its Cars

Over half a dozen Tesla employees claim that aggressive production goals have forced workers to take shortcuts when manufacturing its automobiles. also Tesla creating harsh working conditions, making an employee work hard, especially for employees working in the GA4 production tent where an assembly is not fully automated yet.

Employees claim and informed that electrical tape was used to patch cracks on plastic brackets containing electrical components and that automobiles would sometimes pass through the production line while missing bolts, nuts, or lugs. The employees even provided photographic evidence to support their claims. They also declare that Tesla encouraged its employees to work in harsh conditions that were exceptionally sizzling and dry during the day and cold during the night.

The accusations have come just weeks after Tesla set a new record for manufacturing its automobiles. In 2019, the company produced over 87,048 cars and gave around 95,200, beating analyst expectations. Nevertheless, CNBC’s report means that Tesla has had to reduce corners to reach these production levels, harming its automobiles’ built quality in the process of Tesla.

Tesla employees stated that pressure to keep production moving inside the tent means that quick fixes are used when components are damaged. The cold weather can sometimes break plastic parts, and when this happens, they claim that electrical tape bought at Walmart is used to secure components, and provided pictures of where it had been used. Responding to the images, Tesla said that many elements come with tape pre-applied from manufacturers and that applying electrical tape is not an approved the procedure.

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