Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Had 'Improper Intercourse Contact' With Young Women While in 'Jail.'

Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Had ‘Improper Intercourse Contact’ With Young Women While in ‘Jail.’

Wealthy financier and declared guilty sex offender Jeffrey Epstein continued to have visits from young women that allegedly resulted in intercourse while he was in ‘jail’ in Florida city, a lawyer for one of his accusers mentioned Tuesday.

Attorney Brad Edwards, claims that Epstein’s 13-month jail sentence. The result of a request bargain with federal prosecutors in Florida. Failed to prevent the money manager accused of sexually assaulting numerous underage women from having “improper sexual connections” with younger women.

At press conference in New York, Edwards stated that a recent newspaper article, citing a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy, described Epstein as a “model prisoner” during his jail term in West Palm Beach in the year 2008 after he is proven guilty to soliciting prostitution crimes in a deal with federal prosecutors that was kept secure Epstein’s victims. Despite being a registered intercourse offender, Epstein was allowed by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to participate in a work-release program that permitted him to spend up to 16 hours a day, six days a week at an office in West Palm Beach that housed his non-profit organization, the Florida Science Foundation.

Edwards quoted he does not know the exact ages of the visitors, but that he knows of none that were under the age of 18.

Since his arrest, Epstein has kept in custody without bail. Federal prosecutors have requested a judge to keep him in jail as his case continue because they suspect he’s a flight risk. Epstein’s attorneys argue that he is authorized to bail.

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