Heatwave Expected to Extreme and Roast Two-Thirds of The Nation

Heatwave Expected to Extreme and Roast Two-Thirds of The Nation

A “major heatwave” is expected to bake two-thirds of the nation through this weekend, with forecasters calling for temperatures to soar across much of the central and Japanese U.S., the Nationwide Climate Service stated.

Many in those areas could see the hottest temperatures of the year, because of a large dome of high pressure that can send temperatures climbing in the coming days, the weather service said.

Already on Tuesday night, an estimated 34 million people were below heat advisories, and another 21 million were below excessive heat warnings, according to the weather service. The affected areas stretched from Texas to much of the Plains. The East Coast is feeling the heat, too, with advisories issued from South Carolina to New Jersey.

Although he didn’t declare a heat emergency, Boston’s mayor on Tuesday warned residents to prepare for the heat and take precautions for temperatures expected to be between 85 and 97 degrees, with the hottest forecast on Saturday. With the humidity, it could experience as hot as 105 degrees, the mayor’s office said.

In New York City, temperatures and heat indices are forecast to reach “dangerously high levels by the weekend” — with temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s by Friday, with heat indices of close to 107 degrees on Saturday, the city’s office of emergency management and well-being division said Tuesday.

The heat index can be a measure of how oven-like it feels when humidity is factored in with air temperature.

This heatwave is expected to bring the hottest temperatures so far this year in Chicago, Detroit, New York City and Washington, D.C., The Weather Channel reported. Widespread record-high temperatures not expected because mid-July is typically the hottest time of the year.

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