Fish Rain Across Villages of Andhra Pradesh

Fish Rain Across Villages of Andhra Pradesh

The strange phenomenon occurred after it rained fish in a village in Wales. The report said, "The phenomenon can be explained: given strong enough winds, in thunderstorms, for example, small whirlwinds and mini-tornadoes could form. When these travel over water any small gadgets of debris in their path, similar to fish or frogs, may be picked up and carried for up to several miles. Eventually, the clouds carrying them will open and drop their strange cargo – leading to a hail of fish, frogs, or whatever the winds happened to select up.

"Honduras where it rains fish at least once every year. However, it happens" only under specific conditions: a torrential downpour, thunder, and lightning, conditions so intense that nobody dares to go outside." When fish had fallen from the sky in an Andhra Pradesh village in 2015, a Met official had given a similar explanation – "Sea tornados occur in the Bay of Bengal and, along with seawater, they also carry aquatic life as well. It's possible that they can suck up a faculty of fish or frogs and 'rain' them elsewhere," said Okay. Nagaratna, a scientist with the Hyderabad Meteorology Division."

Therefore, it is possible that fish or other small animals and vegetables or fruits fall from the sky. But they don't rain as no evaporation and condensation is happening. Strong winds carry these living creatures or other objects and subsequently dropped from the air.

Nevertheless, the viral video has nothing to do with the phenomenon, as mentioned above, as it was manufactured.

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